Saturday, July 3, 2010

Getting Metadata With Media Center Master

Now that I had files with names and a directory structure that other programs will recognize, I set out to find a good metadata gathering tool.  I believe Media Browser has the capability to look up metadata for files, but it didn't seem to work for me.  I also looked at YAMM to get metadata, but it seems to be geared more toward movies than TV shows (the web site says that TV show support is still "in the works") so I decided it is probably not the tool I'm looking for.

I looked around and found Media Center Master.  It's available at and can be installed via their add-on which adds yet another level of simplicity to this tool that's already very simple to set up and use (at least to get started with.)   There's also a good article on called Master Metadata with Media Center Master that gives a decent overview.

Using the program was as simple as installing it, pointing it to the folder where I had put the renamed files, and turning on auto-scan.   It went through and downloaded meta data for everything it could find.   It got almost everything right.    There were a couple of series that it had trouble identifying correctly, which is why I like the feature to set TV series detection overrides:

You need to go look up the show manually on and find their ID, then you can tell Media Center Master to use that ID for the series and it will download the right metadata for it. 

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