Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting previously recorded TV into Media Center Part 1 : Native Media Center Functionality

If I'm going to sell Media Center to the family, they need to be able to play back all the shows recorded with Beyond TV as easily as they can now.   In Beyond TV, we usually have the shows sorted by series even though they are stored in different drives and directories, the user can't tell.  The other sort orders that get used frequently are by date recorded and original air date.

I'm not very familiar with how Media Center organizes recorded TV, but I have had poor results trying to get other software to present shows recorded in Beyond TV sorted by anything other than physical location and filename. I have a fairly small number of folders, each with hundreds of files in them, so that doesn't really work well with my current setup.  I'm hoping I can find a solution in Media Center that can integrate TV shows recorded in Beyond TV with those recorded in Media Center as seamlessly as possible.

My first inclination was just to add the Beyond TV recording directories to the Recorded TV library in Media Center.  Unfortunately, Media Center doesn't recognize the Beyond TV recordings.

Next I tried adding the Beyond TV directories to Media Center's Video Library.  The first thing that jumped out at me is how incredibly slow Media Center's video library is when trying to display a large number of files.  The second thing I noticed is that once again, the files are organized by directory.

So, I started investigating third party options.

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  1. Have you come across any other ideas for getting the recorded BeyondTV shows into Media Center natively?

    I have 3TB of shows to handle, and thinking there must be some way to convert it all.